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1972 Gibson LG12 truss rod is loose

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You may want to take it to a luthier.

Unfortunately, these are not very valuable and if the truss rod is broke, the expense to fix it may not be worth it unless it has sentimental value.

Often, it's just a stripped truss rod nut. These are made of brass and are supposed to strip before damaging the rad. It can be replaced for a couple bucks but be sure to clean off the threads on the rod. 

If the thread on the rod is stripped, it can sometimes be cleaned up and then put on a new nut.

If the thread on the rod is stripped, it's usually at the washer area only. You can try getting a new nut and ten add a couple washers to get the nut back on the good part of the threads.

Sometimes after years of stress, the opposite end will dig into the wood and move the rod further out the hole and then the rod does not have enough thread. Then someone thinks they're adjusting the nut but they're bottoming out and stripping one or the other. You should never use a lot of force when adjusting.

Hope the best for you. I would look at the nut and threads on the rod first.

Truss Rod Nuts for Gibson® - 6 Pack - StewMac

If it's twisted off at the end and there's enough rod left, there is a repair.


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