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NGD - Autumn Burst


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Hi There. New to the SG side of the Gibson house. Been a Les Paul man for years. It's funny. In '73 I bought and SG and sold it later for a Les Paul. In 2003 I bought a faded SG and sold it later for a Les Paul. Now I have a Les Paul and an SG :-$


I had no idea what it was going to sound like but wowwee, is it great. Better than my paul (don't tell anyone on the Les Paul side) Very clear tones. I love that the neck pup is back farther, gets it out of the mud zone.


So without further ado -








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Congrats. Played one of those today. Didn't get a chance to plug it in' date=' but it felt (and looked) awesome.


BTW, it was number 26 of 350. What number is yours?[/quote']


The number stamped on the back of the headstock is 099 but that number doesn't appear anywhere in the serial number so I dunno ... 99?

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