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Still on firebird banjo tuners

marco mancini

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Hello there american brothers , i love to bits my banjo tuners on my firebird custom shop m.y. 2015   but  i just wonder whether  the new versions of this kind of tuners are more precise  when it comes to tune the guitar ,  also i would like to know  what function  have the screws over the  six keys . 


cheers to everybody and  Merry Xmas 



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Would you accept an answer from a non American? 

The screws allow you adjust the tension. 

'More precise' depends on what you mean. Fairly ordinary 14:1 tuners can be 100% accurate if you are, and if you tune only up. You can go to higher ratios which may make it easier for the player to be accurate, but they aren't intrinsically more accurate. 

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