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Can Current (2023) Hummingbird Neck Be Installed onto a 1966 Hummingbird Body?

James D

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I suppose the thread Title communicated the crux of my post.

"Can Current (2023) Hummingbird Neck Be Installed onto a 1966 Hummingbird Body?"

One thing I left out,  to conserve space,  would be the issue of how to acquire a new Hummingbird neck.

but I'm assuming that someway/somehow that could be accomplished.

But given that - would the 2023 Hummingbird neck and the 1966 Hummingbird body


The two halves of the dovetails "match"?   etc.

Assuming a HIGHLY skilled luthier, etc.



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Don't know if the new one would fit like hand in glove, but basically yes. You (obviously) need the be aware of the exact scale-length, , , and perhaps compensate by the saddle. This of course would be harder if the 66er still has the adjustable ceramic or rosewood saddle-insert.

I had a 1966 CW which got a long scale Gibson neck - but the adjust. had been fixed already. The luthier moved the new standard sized slim saddle. 

                                                                                                                                                                                          Good luck - have the feeling finding a free flying neck is a challenge in itself. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Do tell more as you go.

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TO PHIL:   Thanks for the link!  I had no idea that specific service was provided by Gibson.   I haven't contacted them yet (it's late night),  but have perused the site.  Will be getting in touch tomorrow.  Thanks again.

TO E-min7   Thanks for  your input.  It included one thing I had not thought through (scale length).  I will report back now and again as I get information and make decisions (and maybe make progress toward my goal!!!)

James D

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I had done something similar.  I picked up a 1957 Gibson country western with a headstock break and someone attached a 12 string headstock to the neck.  Price was good and guitar sounded amazing.   This was done in the 70’s apparently.  Any way I had my luthier take off the neck, sent it to birkonium who makes necks in Michigan for guitar companies and luthiers and they used their CAD program and measurements to make the exact neck with a 6 string headstock.   My luthier said it was a perfect match.  He attached  it, stained it and transferred the  headstock logo and turned out perfect.  I only did this because the guitar sounded so good otherwise would of never done that.  It needed a neck reset and refret when I bought it and after a long discussion with my luthier he was confident he could do this.  He builds acoustics and repairs vintage guitars with 40 years of experience.   You could contact birkonium and they may have the exact neck your looking for or could make one to your specific needs.  They do custom order necks and are a pleasure to work with.  

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Last post from me on this.  
The 12 string headstock was starting to breakdown and crack.  Needed a neck reset and refret.  Was becoming unplayable.  Luthier said we need to make a decision.   I could just throw it away or fix it correctly.  Sounded to good to just throw away.  I will not sell this guitar and  it  will go to my son.    I looked 6 months for a neck or luthiers that could help repair it and this was the best option.  Looked at Gibson repair and restoration and they were out over a year and also  more expensive.  Luther said he could carve a neck for this guitar, but it would cost over $1000 or more because of labor.  That’s why Birkonium is a life saver for something like this.  Stewmac or LMI had nothing that could work.  
Luthier still had to carve the  headstock and he wanted do the dovetail so it fit perfectly.    

James D,
you should be able to find a neck that works and a good luthier to help you.    My Best and good luck.




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On 12/6/2023 at 10:22 PM, E-minor7 said:


On 12/6/2023 at 5:35 PM, Gibby46 said:

Don’t post allot but what is the easiest way to post a pictures ?  Keeps saying file to big,  do you have to change the file size on the picture ?  

Yes, I get that too. Has become harder for me to post pictures - also by Imgur. Still use it though - load up there and now copy Direct Link.

Try Imgur, sir. 


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