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Identifying Model # and Pickups on assumed LP Classic '16?


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Can anyone help me identify a semi mystery guitar for me? I believe it to be a 2016 LP Classic.

The model # handwriting, I believe, is LPCS16HYCH3.

The serial # is 160136240. I'm a bit confused as Gibson told me that it shows as a Traditional Pro 3, but it says "CS" in the model #, and had a Classic nameplate from the store (I bought it used). I don't believe it to be a TP3 because the TP's I've looked up had TP instead of CS.

I'm also trying to identify what pickups this would have came stock with? Everything I'm seeing online says the '16 Classics came with a 57 Classic and 57 Classic + in the bridge, but Gibson (e-mail) said they came with two 57 Classics (no +).

When I bought it someone had changed out the pups for 490R/498T, which was also a bit confusing. Of course Gibson said if it was a TP it would have came with the alnico 3 pups.

So I'm just trying to clarify some things - thanks.

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LPCS  in the hand written pickup cavity 

those are codes to the finishers

if yours was a Custom Shop the serial number on the head stock would start CS 

as for pickups, you either like them or you don’t 

wouldn’t worry about trying to put it back to factory,, many pickup manufacturers, pick ones you like 

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