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Is this an AI Review of an Epiphone Casino?


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It's definitely a computer-generated voice.
Not a real human speaking there.

As far as the content, or the words being spoken by the digital narrator, it's tough to say.
Might be considered AI, in that it's most likely words spoken by a program, originally typed in by a human.

Here's how Bert (the youTube channel there is Burt's Guitar Channel) introduces himself:

"Helping bedroom guitar enthusiasts to choose guitar and gears. Providing personal experience + summarized YouTube reviews so you can have more time enjoying your guitar instead of watching YT reviews that repeats 80% of information. I might use AI voice for smooth info delivery. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!"

I am thinking that Burt doesn't like the sound or timbre of his own speaking voice.


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yeah, wow, it’s AI answering the questions, badly.  They asked ChatGPT, or one of the others, and then it trawls the internet for the most common combinations of answers and that is what it spits back out. Note how the most of the answers are mostly non-definitive, equivocating  comments.  I weep for the future.  

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Yes theres been lots of this around for a while now, guitar ones are new though. I saw some science/tech type videos... In the thumbnail it would claim something like James Web detects life or, we were wrong about the universe.. Some big controversial topic like that. In every case it was like the above, no real revelations, no big news, just a bunch of facts or theories all found elsewhere on the net which in the end prove or show absolutely nothing. Yet some people out there are spewing this sort of content out daily almost flooding youtube just to get clicks.. What a sad state youtube has become.

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The wisest thing I live by is don’t believe everything you see or hear. The world thanks to internet is flooded with grifters and all sorts of other walks of life. I’ll say it once - screw the reviews, put the GD guitar in your hands and see if you GD like it. End of story. I have years of life on this earth and never needed someone to “review” crap for me to help me decide if I like something or not. No magazines, commercials, and especially YouTubers. Don’t forget to click the like, subscribe, and leave a comment. 

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