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68/69 J45 - Surely this isn't OEM??


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The more I read about Gibson ......

This J45 I purchased had a layered b/w/b pick guard. It was lifting up in several places so I wrangled it off. I didn't like it. I swear it looks like the adhesive was carpet tape. Some areas were still tacky. It's been on there a quite a long while by the guard outline against the faded cherry finish.

Was this factory?






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I haven't seen any multiply pick guards as original on standard J50/J45.

This is the era they were using the Gibson Sonic logo on the guard.

I think the '69's were square shoulder guitars.

When I recently fixed up as '68 I had a sonic guard made but they could only do white. I think most of them had a brown swirl. 

I wound up leaving the guard off. These picts are not of my guitar.

gibson-acoustic-guitars-dreadnought-gibson-j-50-natural-1968-pick guard




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I think that's definitely a replacement guard, but I would also guess it's been on there a long *** time.  I also think it adds an interesting historical uniqueness to that guitar, but I'm sure others would suggest a more historically accurate replacement.  Congrats on the new guitar, and let us know how it sounds!

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Congratulations on a very nice iced tea faded burst on your J-45. Does that bottom photo reveal that the faded cherry burst thas survived under the burst after you cleaned up the adhesive?

You've gotta treat us to a more higher resolution image of that nice top! 

Congrats, and hope you get your guard right.


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