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Gibson Les Paul Tribute Pickup Swap(s) - 490s vs. '61 vs. tradbuckers


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Got a good deal on a new Tribute some 5 years ago.  Came with  490R & 490T. Never really liked those pickups, but really liked the guitar itself. Good low end presence. So, swapped the neck pickup for a '61 burstbucker neck pickup. Its quickconnect, so made the swap easy. Went with zebra colors instead of straight black. Instantly liked it better. Seem to have more clarity and less gain. The stock bridge pickup seemed ok, decided to not spend more money and just keep it in there. Generally play in the middle position, with bridge cranked, tone backed off and neck volume backed off a bit. Found myself not playing the guitar too much, seemed more suited to like Mountain or 70's medium gain rock, which I don't play a lot of. Time goes by and recently decided to swap out the bridge, just to see. I found a tradbucker quickconnect, paid a steep price, not many out there. Swapped and instantly liked it better. Much clearer than the 490t, with better sustain. Maybe a bit hotter and a bit brighter, but just sounded great. In the middle position it played nicely with the '61 neck pup. Perfect, guitar seemed more versatile, fun to play. Got greedy and decided to try a tradbucker in the neck. Found one pretty quickly and installed. I liked the tradbucker little better than the '61, seem a bit more transparent, bit brighter, maybe higher gain. However, did not play will with the bridge tradbucker. Middle position volume dropped a lot, seemed a bit muddy. Found myself adjusting knobs a bunch to get where I liked it. So, put the '61 back in and definitely liked the middle position tone better with this combo. So, now I have to figure out if I can return the neck tradbucker or re-sell.




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