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What do you EQ at?


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Fender Pro Jr

Volume @ 6

Tone @ 12


2-12 DeVille

Bass @ 6

Mid @ 8

Treble @ 10

Drive @ 6

Volume @ 4


I rarely put my guitars volume over 5 and the tone usually stays at full for the neck pickup and about 6 for the bridge pickup

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[1] My amps EQ controls - I keep 'em on the amp front panel for easy access.

[2] The Gain and Volume controls are kept on the amp also, for similar reasons.

[3] The guitar knobs are pretty much always kept on the guitar. Makes using them whilst playing easy.


Man - what do you mean "where do you keep" the controls.....

.....they are controls - you adjust them, they aren't pre-sets or trim-pots.


You turn them up and down as required for the number you're playing, for the tone and dirt you want. Their settings change from number to number and from venue to venue.


Or in real basic setting terms.....

Set the amp to sound good in the situation it's in with the guitar set to about mid-way on tone and volume.

Use the guitar controls to go louder or quieter, cleaner or dirtier, and bassier or more trebly as needed.

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Depends on the amp and I couldn't really say exactly how they're set anyway. I do tend to turn up the mid control (if there is one) higher than the treble and bass and if there is a presence control that tends to go up pretty high too, higher than the mids. One common factor is that it seems that I prefer to set the tone controls fairly low on most amps, well below 12:00; I don't know why, but that's the way I run my Mesa and Blues Jr.


Gain, if there is a control for it, is totally dependent on the amp. I think the preamp gain in my Blues Junior sounds terrible so I keep the amp running pretty clean at lower volumes and use a pedal for dirt. My Fender Champ doesn't have a gain control so I use the same pedal to dirty that one. I stick with the "clean" channel of my Mesa Stiletto and run the gain up all the way which is still a pretty clean sound; I use a clean boost to wallop the preamp up higher.


I should really take note of how I have the Mesa set; if my band ever gets around to gigging, I'll be screwing with the controls all night if they get shifted around when moving the amp.

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Depends on the location and song, but right now in my bedroom my Hot Rod Deluxe is set at:


Drive: 10:00

Treble: 2:00

Bass: 'bout 12:30

Middle: right around noon

Master volume: set around 8


I'm finding my amp to be very bassy (hmm, on second thought maybe it's the pickup height, I might've measured the bass side of the pickup incorrectly and it might be higher than the treble side) so I generally keep the bass dialed back unless I really want a good rumble. But really, these get moved around all the time. The gain knob goes anywhere from 1 to 12 and the EQ gets fiddled with all the time, not to mention the controls on the guitar itself. I had an idea for a thread, though. Recommend a tone thread. List your amp/guitar settings and any pedal that applicable, have other people do the same, then recommend tunes or whatnot to play with that tone.

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