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Johnny A Custom spruce top, no f holes


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Hi everyone! New to the forum. Long story short, I may have an opportunity to check out a Johnny A custom with the spruce top and no f holes in natural. I was wondering if anyone knew how many of these customs were produced? I’ve seen references that there were 100 or less of the spruce tops made, but no actual citations. Figured maybe someone here would know! Thanks! 


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Hello ides,

Money-wise the trade would make sense. Long term the resale value of the Johnny A will likely be higher. I had a 2003 Johnny A Custom S/N 024 from the first production run. It was the only production model that had the same top (Gingerburst Quilt) as the original prototype made for Johnny. I sold it a few years ago for double what I paid for it. The spruce tops are very rare. I would be surprised if they even made 100. And even more rare with no f-holes and a stop tail piece. That said, the reason I sold it is that I couldn't bond with it. I've had 6 Les Pauls over the years, 5 of them Custom Shop. I currently have a 1969 ES-335 and a 2004 CS-336. I also have had quite a few Strats and still have one. The Johnny A has a 25 1/2" scale length, same as a Strat while most Gibsons have 24 3/4".  I can switch between a regular Gibson and a Strat with  no issues. The Johnny A is just different. I found the neck to be weird to play so after a few years I decided to move on. It could just be my personal preference in a neck. Otherwise it is a fantastic guitar, great tone, craftsmanship and looks.

So I would suggest you play it or at least another Johnny A before making the trade. If you like the feel and playability the trade would make sense to me. 

Good luck with your decision,



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Thanks JO’C. I just spoke to Gibson and sweetwater and confirmed it was a pre sold limited release. 100 were made in the natural finish and 50 in a tobacco sunburst. Sweetwater received 8/100 in natural over a 3 year period. 

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