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Hi ! Help needed choosing new Pup system.


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Hi Everybody. I'm a new member to the Gibson forum. Been lurking around for some while on the old forum(great reading) and felt this new forum was a good start to become a member.

My name is Bjorn and I am 27 years old and live in Oslo, Norway. I play in several bands but my main project as for now is the all acoustic lady Moscow =D> [url= http://www.myspace.com/ladymoscow ] . We gig a lot and I'm using my J200 and my L7 all the time live. Love em both

My problem:

Mysystem (fishman Rare Earth Blend) turned quiet and no matter what I've tried It will not work. Changed Batteries, resolder the input jack, cable check, nothing works. It just went dead!

Well..... I need a new system and would like your input on this Idea I have. Will it be a good mix?

I will put in a LR baggs M1 in the sound hole and under the bridge I will put KK sound pure western system.

Do any of you now if the regular size kk sound western system will fit my J200 bridgeplate, or should I go with the mini system that they have?

For pre-amp I will go for the KK sound Dual Channel Pro Preamp . Does this sound like a good combination?



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I just had a K & K Mini installed in my Gibson Advanced Jumbo. It is the nicest sounding pickup I have ever had in a guitar. I was worried about it being passive pickup going into a dread shaped body but no worries there. I play through my Genz Benz Shenandoah 200 stereo deluxe or my UltraSound AG50 and see no need for a preamp or di box. I have heard that adding a M1 to this combo is also very nice but again, I see no need for the additional pickup at this point.


Good luck with your decision and welcome to the forum!

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Hi Bjorn. My first post here as well! I'm a huge fan of K&K minis pickups. Get the mini. K&K recommends it over the regular for all installations now. I have them on four guitars, including a J-100 XT Maple. Fantastic, natural tone, and each guitar sounds like itself! You'll never get that with an under-saddle pickup. I don't play in real loud stage volume though. I think mixing it with the Baggs M1 would be a GREAT solution for a band. Start with the K&K and if you get any feedback, bring up the M1.


If you are REALLY picky, you should be aware that the K&K mini sonds it's best at 1 meg Ohm. This is different that most Baggs products, which assume 10Meg Ohms I believe. For this reason I always use a K&K preamp as the first step in my signal chain. Not sure what the implications are for a stereo signal. It will always sound great, but like I said, if you are REALLY picky (most people may not hear the difference) K&K pickups sound best through a K&K preamp, like the Pure XLR that I use. Or through any preamp with a 1 meg ohm input impdence.



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