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Well, the day finally came.   After my grandson wanted an electric guitar at Christmas 2012 (because I bought his sister an acoustic guitar a year earlier), I purchased him an Ltd Viper 50 (SG body style).  He showed some interest in learning/playing, then as most adolescences do, he lost interest, leaving the guitar at my home.  Then to make matters worse, he went over to the “dark side,” thinking he wanted to be a drummer.  Oh, the humanity!  Anyway, he recently retuned from the “dark side” and decided to take his guitar home and strive to be a guitar player.  Happy, happy.  Joy, joy.  Anyway, I always figured that I would give him my Vox DA-5 amp so he would have something to play through.  And now that I am down a low-watt amp, I decided it was time to buy another one.  I ordered this one from Sweetwater and it definitely fills my needs for something more basic from my tube amps:



Currently I am running it through my Epiphone Valve Jr. cab with the stock 12” Eminence Lady Luck (16 ohm) speaker.  So far, so good.  I’ve only turned it up around 9 o’clock and it is plenty loud and still has some clean headroom.  According to the online reviews, it should start breaking up around 12 o’clock.  I look forward to testing that theory when the opportunity presents itself.  I have been thinking about swapping the speaker out for an 8 ohm Eminence Texas Heat or Swamp Thing speaker.  Decisions, decisions.  

Pretty basic.  Volume knob, Norm/Bright switch.  So simple, even I can’t screw things up.  Totally grateful for that.  😀


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