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He's also on the verge of discovering the power of guitar.

Today he invited one of his friends from down the street over to hear some ZZ Top.

She liked it.


Uh-oh!! Got a little flirt on your hands?


One of the other students in our son's violin ensemble came over today and he had to show off how he could play "Sweet Home Alabama" on the drums.

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Yeah I don't understand what it is, but a lot of the girls at my boy's school think he's dreamy.

I've overheard them talking amongst themselves at certain events.

I think he's a real ladies man too. He, thankfully just doesn't realize it yet.

My biggest fear is that the neighbor from down the streets going to come knock on the door and say something like, "Ryan's been sneaking into Kenya's (strange name for a girl) room at night.

I swear that girl worships the ground he walks on.

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Homz used to take our boy to the mall when he (the boy) was still in a stroller--just cause women would go out of their way to come over and see the baby.


I've never seen Katie (his friend) quite as animated as she was today. The other girl in ensemble that is close to his age appears to be rather sweet on him as well. Lucky for us, we don't have any neighbors close enough to worry about him sneaking in!

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