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Gibson Restorative Finish Cream - Formula changed??


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Hi guys

I recently purchased a "GIBSON VINTAGE REISSUE RESTORATION KIT" online from a mom and pop music store. When it got here the bottles were different to the website picture, and differnt to the product with the same name when I purchased it in the past.

Thats cool, I dont mind repackaging.. but now the "Restorative Finish Cream" is not what it used to be. It used to be literally a "cream" colour, and the viscocity was reasonable. Now it's white and quite viscous like water.

Have I got a bad batch? Or did gibson decide to change a product and call it exactly the same thing?

Has anyone used this stuff? I liked the old stuff a lot for cutting through grime on my '72 es325 on the nitro that is going bad. It was literally like a cut a polish, and this new product doesnt look like it will do that at all, tried it on a small patch on a nitro jazz bass and it gave the nitro a sort of rubbery feel.

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