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Replacement for 2016 LP Tribute HP API bridge


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Hi all, i'm trying to customize my 2016 LP Tribute HP and make my own unique Guitar.


I removed the G-Force, installed vintage Gibson tuners. I removed the PCB circuit and replaced It with handmade circuit with CTS pots + Bumblebee.

I've also installed bone nut and Di Marzio double cream PAF pickups.

I'm looking for a replacement for the API bridge and i'd like to put an ABR1 like bridge up.

Any suggestion ?


Many thanks 

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1 hour ago, MauJack said:

Do you have any specific model to suggest? I'd like to avoid any drilling adjustment...

Honestly im not 100% sure but I think one like this

Gotoh Nashville Tune-O-Matic Bridge Large Posts | eBay

12" saddle radius
Bridge post hole diameter - 6.5mm
Centre to centre spacing between the two mounting post holes - 74mm
Centre to centre of the two outer saddles (low E to high E) - 52mm

There is also TonePros that I think is what Gibson use sometimes

TonePros ABR1 Nashville Replacement Tune-O-Matic Bridge Gold NVR2-G | eBay

TonePros NVR2P Vintage ABR-1 Style Tune-o-matic Bridge w/ Nashville Posts (Nick… | eBay

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