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Freaking out the normals


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As you may have read in one of the other threads, my son had one of his violin school friends over for an extensive practice on ensemble music. Mostly classical stuff, but they also are working on "America The Beautiful". Anyway, the little girl that came over is also Vietnamese (like my kids) and the two of them were so cute. Clay's kinda sweet for her. During their 'Union negotiated break' (as my son puts it) he was showing her all the band stuff, like my LP's and the mixing boards, and the drums. He was even playing the drums for her. He is quite good on drums.


.... so I got way off the point of the thread....


The girl and her mom come to the house. I could see right away from the look in mom's eyes when she saw all the band gear that she felt like she was in the wrong place. My son showed her his foot tall Buddha and I could just feel the "your heathens" look in her aura. I didn't even think to cover the tattoo on my leg, so as not to freak out the lady. Wicked1 has tattoos all around her ankle and it was obvious to me the lady was a bit disheveled. I asked her if she liked classic rock and as I suspected she didn't. It didn't all go bad. Being that Wicked1 is a classically trained pianists she was able to play along with the kids and make helpful suggestions to the practicing kids. It helped that Wicked1 had for years taught piano in our home.


Anyway I just wanted to warn you tattooed freaks not to scare the normals.

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That or those Les Balls and Testicaster devices attached to every musical instrument in the house:-"


No, we collected all the Testicasters (Thundergod models) and the Les Bauls (Homz Model) before they got here. My son was just figuring out what they were and he collected them up laughing his little *** off. I still don't think my 15 year old daughter has it figured out. I ain't telling either. That's a mom daughter conversation, if needed.

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