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Information on the old catalogue models


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Hi everyone


I have just joined after almost a year of visiting....


Firstly a big thanks to all those who helped me with my guitar choices, ok so you didn't exactly help me directly, but by reading through your many and often insightful posts I was able to ensure that the two Lps I bought were the genuine article.



I am the very proud owner of two les paul studio's wine red with gold hardware and an old 1997 ebony lp studio.


I am currently looking at buying a les paul studio (again) only this time I have my eye on the platinun series with the ebony fretboard and the silver hard case. This got me to thinking are there sites I can look at to ensure the specs on this model are the origionals or god forbid to check that it the real deal. RELAX!!!! I am not asking the old question is my guitar a fake, i usually go to my local gibson dealer with the guiatr being purchased and the seller and have them carry out this test! I would be very interested in knowing if anyone knows where I could look up the older models, 2000 onwards for the les paul range, as I can so far only find the existing models on the Gibson website.


My next purchase is most likely going to be a LP standard and I have a thing for the latte version! And no I didn't win the lotto! I just managed to sell on most of my non essentail guitars, at one point I had 22 and only two hands!


Any help you guys could give would be gratefully appreciated and if you are super nice and friendly, there will be a pint of Guinness waiting for you in Dublin if you ever find yourself over this side of the pond!

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