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Kramer Custom Guitar Not Adding Up


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Hoping somone can provide info on this guitar that I just picked up today from an auction. I haven't had a Kramer since the mid- 80s so I don't know much about most  if them except for the Focus 2000 I had back in the day and the early Striker  200ST that  I'm customizing right now. I'm a little confused on this custom snakeskin guitar because it is in just about  mint condition but the 5 digit serial dates er' from 1982 ( according to Chat GPT).  Also, the Floyd Rose says JACKSON on it. Finally, the snake skin custom covering, I cannot find online anywhere so far. It also has etching on the guitar body underneath the snake skin cover to make it more snake like. I've never seen a guitar body modified like that before. I'll be taking er' apart tonight to see what I can see but thought one.of you Kramer efficianato's  may humor my ignorance with some insight. Is it a re-issue? Is it from 82? What model?  Is it a fake? It's super well put together and " feels " like a great guitar.

Any info is highly appreciated . Please just let me know if the link doesn't work




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A few things...

I've never seen a Kramer model quite like that one. 

Possibly custom, but I'm thinking it's something someone put together.

Especially with "Jackson" on the tremolo, and what might be a Kramer neck.

Or at least a Kramer logo decal.

The point on the "Chicken beak" style headstock looks a little more "pointy" than any pictures I've seen.

Although it's a little hard to tell from the picture at that angle.

The Chicken beaks were created by cutting Fender Stratocaster style headstocks due to a lawsuit.

Some good Kramer info here:


Chicken beak:


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