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New-ish Stuff Day (inc guitar case)


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I am suffering really badly from acute sciatica at the moment.  It returned with a vengeance on Jan 23rd and I literally couldn't walk, certainly couldn't do my daily swim. 

Today I managed to walk/limp into town and back, about 2km in total.  I got my prescription medication, then a walking stick for £6 and a guitar case for £30 from 2 of the charity shops.

 New-ish stuff day!!



The walking stick is nicely turned but I never had to use one before and there's a technique to it.  I leant on it hard and now the handle will need some wood glue.  But I don't think I'm a stick guy as by the time I got back up the hill my ribs were going out of whack again.  Bah.  I do not want to buy a crutch but I might have to.

The guitar case is for an acoustic with body 14 1/2" widest and 19" long.  I searched for Freestyle cases and they're still going but this isn't in their current range.   A bit big for my ES-139 so I've got to sort out some proper padding.  The best fit for these guitars is an Epi Kat series case, now about £120 (GBP).   So for £30 this will do fine for now.  Your tips for padding a guitar case for a nitro finish please!


While I'm at it; here are 2 fairly recent additions to my pedal board.


The Sonic Stomp is an older, bigger box version (which I like).  Similar effect to the old Aphex Aural Exciter I think - correct me if I'm wrong.  And the Marshall Reflector Reverb which was a bargain.

Then there is this;  Eventide Ultratap delay.  An UK shop was half-pricing these recently and I got one.....but I'm not getting on with it and am going to sell it.  Great sounds but too complex and you need the Eventide editing app and then watch the tutorial videos to program it properly. 


Best wishes to all!

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