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1985 Gibson j-45 Celebrity


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Does anyone have any idea of the value in today's market of the 1985 J-45 Celebrity? I know there were  only 90 produced in Nashville as a 90th anniversary commemoration. They say these were some of the best guitars made in Nashville,  the quality out of that plant are not as desirable.  I have one that I would consider to be in excellent condition with the original case. I took it to my local luthier to go over and he told me it appears to be in good shape with all original parts except there is a newer bone nut . The neck is in good shape after nearly 40 years. It's a beautiful guitar. It has a really nice spruce top with rosewood back and sides along with an ebony fretboard.  The jumbo size is a little difficult for me to hold, Yes I'm old.  I've contemplated selling it and then I put a new set of strings on it and I don't want to part with it.  

My gut is just to hang on to it although depending on value I may sell. My searches show very few resales of this model over the last 10 years.  Any ideas on the value?

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Here is what I always did. If a guitar no longer wow's me I sell it. If you think due to only 90 being made will increase the value then hold on to it. Do you play it, do you love it? If not let it go. 

Value - no clue. Looks fancy. 

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