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Non-Gibson (but music gear related) thread


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I noticed in another post that there are other members here who thought the Lounge should be more about music and gear outside the Gibson family. I thought I was one of the only ones who thought that way and have more or less avoided the Lounge the past few months. If you also feel that way, post a gear related topic here. Here's my contribution...


My local high-end shop was having their annual 3-day blowout this weekend. I went by on friday to pick up a Radial "Headbone" for my Mini-Z head. There was a used guitar I spotted there last month, but now the price had been cut by $700. I didn't have time to check it out that day, but went back yesterday to take it for a test drive. I now have my second PRS in three weeks...








So, any other PRS owners hiding out on the Gibson Forum?

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Serious nice score!!!

And you don't even know what I paid for it... =D>




What model is the one you have?

The one above is a 2002 Custom 22 Soapbar. Apparently only the Soapbar models were available with the maple neck and even then the rosewood board was an option. I was told by a PRS collector that there were less than 500 Cu22 Soapbars made.


The one I bought a couple weeks ago was a 2004 McCarty Soapbar...



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Are the P90s hot or more vintage output?


How would you describe the sound of the middle pickup in relationship to the bridge and neck pickups? does it muddy up?


Definitely more vintage sounding. I was trying it through a Dr. Z Maz 18, and even with the gain cranked I had to lean into it to get some dirt. As far as the different positions, I was more concerned with how I would adapt to the middle pickup being right where I pick. I mean, it sounded great in all five positions but I'll give it a more thorough workout at rehearsal tomorrow.

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