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Whats the temperature where you live?


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It's 59 Degrees and Breezy in the San Bernardino Mountains. Clean Clear Air and all the Trout you can Catch in Big Bear Lake. Water Skiing, Shopping, and Live Music every weekend at Chads.


I hope that didn't come off like a commercial.

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It must be like 78 or so....


I am so hungover that it does not really matter...I went downtown for the past 2 nights and took it to the top. I heard enough country guitar runs to last me a lifetime...


I'll bet that there are close to a million guitar pickers there in TN that all know those same runs.

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There are some guys that are really good but others that really come up with their own versions of songs and solos.


I mean I heard Bryan Adams' Summer of 69 and the guitar player added a country run to the song.


Sometimes the guitar player will make up their own solo just running through scale modes as opposed to the actual solo of the song.


The "colorful" award of the night goes to the guitar player of one of the bands that was straight outta 1985, he was playing a Hamer goltop double cutaway and was doing all these pick sctratches, pinch harmonics and moving around the stage. It was funny but the guy had good tone and could play so it was enjoyable.

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we only have 3 seasons in the foothills of Northeast Alabama.

1. Boiling Hot & Humid......thats from the end of March to the beginning of December.

2. Monsoon season.........mid December to mid January

3. Bitter cold.......mid January to the end of March.


today was actually 90 degrees and tonight will probably cool down to 65.


I live 30 miles from the Talladega Superspeedway that had todays "AArons 499" Nascar race.......got caught in the after race traffic on the interstate.......barely made it home alive. (was visiting inlaws, not going to the race)


Luckily, my DeVille, was able to get ahead of the mass of drunk traffic, and hold the lead !

THAT is one reason I buy American !

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