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Looking for Info on my 1977 Ibanez Les Paul copy


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Hey all, new to the forums here.  I'll look for some Ibanez forums as well, but looks like most posts I've found are from a defunct old school Ibanez forum.

Anyway my first electric guitar I got way back in Jr. High school around 1981'ish was a Ibanez LP copy.  Originally purchased by my friend across the street's older brother.  Don't think he played it more than a month or two then it sat in it's case.  My parents bought it from him and gave it to me for Christmas when I was about 12-13.  I always played a real LP in the guitar store where I took lessons, but only had an acoustic at home, and my parents weren't going to pay $600-700.  Did finally get a real LP in 2017 at age 49.  lol

It's just a "Standard" with a bolt on neck.  From researching the serial number it looks like it was made in June 1977.  Had faulty electronics in toggle switch that I had fixed about 2000, and then had a new nut put on it in 2018-2019?  That repair guy in Illinois said it could probably use new frets if I wanted to do anything more with it.  Just took it out of the case after 4 years.  Still plays nice (thinner neck than my Gibson).  The neck pickup works fine and sounds good.  The bridge pickup must have some wiring issues (hopefully, and not the pickup itself), because it's very quiet and has a lot of static.  I have a good repair guy here outside of Nashville where we live now, but I was just curious what repairs/upgrades would be best to make it a regular "player" again?  The bridge is really corroded, but still seems to work OK in spite of looking half melted.  The tuners stink and should be changed...  kind of that loose and no effect to really affecting pitch suddenly.  

Other dings, and some wear around the body edges, from banging into stuff... it was my only guitar from 1981 until 2005 or so when I got an Ibanez RG.  Just an off/on hobbyist hack in my home office man cave.  🙂 

Really just looking for any info on it, like what pickups might it have, etc?  I'll be taking it into my repair guy here in the next few days, but was just curious in the meantime.











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