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New Guy and have an option for my first ES


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My buddy lost his Dad long ago and Mom wants to clean up somethings. Bottom line his Dad had this guitar and was we think the 2nd owner. The Tuners and Pick-ups had been changed prior to his ownership. The original tuners are with the guitar and I think pick-ups and knobs, know tomorrow. 

Ive always been a solid body guy but love my playing my friend hollow body wanna-be ES. I just need to figure out value to keep it good with his Mom and feel good about the purchase. It has sat for the last 45+ years or more.Would like input to share with family to estimate a fair purchase price.






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I’d search the big websites.  The prices vary.  Reverb, Dave’s, and Carter Vintage are good for comps.  Reverb lets you sort by the sold listings. hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like a walnut? Those seem to be a little less than the flashier ones.  Nice guitar.  Others here may likely  have more helpful input.  

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Based on the sticker in the f-hole and if the serial# starts with a 7 (hard to be sure from photo) it's a 1970, 1971 or 1972 with a walnut top, although it looks like someone hand wrote a '74 date on the sticker, not normal. These go for $3000-$5000 depending on condition and how many parts have been swapped out. Depending on what they are, having the original pickups could increase value. Pickups affect value more than swapped out tuners. Sitting for 45 years would also decrease the value depending on environment it was stored in as well as neck and electronics integrity.

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Hey guys, thanks for the feed back. The serial number is 754086 and its been stored in its case standing up in her closet. I havent seen it in person yet let alone played it but it appears to be in great shape.  They are looking for a bag that holds some parts including the tuners.  

Will update once the parts bag has been found.  Thanks again for your thoughts!

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New behind the ES-335 here - but 1 thing learned already is that the pick-ups mean SO much if you go for some of the classic virtues of this model. They came with the legendary PAFs and though celebrated like the handles of holy grail, those pups had no 1-dimensional formula and thus can't really be measured by other than an overall timbre'n'soul. From then on the pick-ups changed and changed again on a seemingly endless voyage up through time.

My brand new Satin Vintage has the relatively new T-type Calibrated, which is fine and versatile, strong, sensitive, warm and somewhat 'creamy'. Not sure it can come up with the well-known and beloved jazzy voice of the early ones though - then again neither sure I'm after that particular sound. Besides the T-types (which are a bow to the plus/minus 1970 version) offer some sort of upgraded version of the mentioned jazziness. And that's not bad at all. . .  

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Look forward to hear what you experience. . 

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