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Angle of one Grover tuning machine slightly off

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I recently acquired a 2019 Les Paul Classic that I am very happy with. It's my 2nd Less Paul. Although I've been very happy a the quality, I noticed that the D tuner (Grovers) is lightly off - rotated by about half the width of the anti-rotation screw hole which tilts the key enough to be noticeable .

When I set the tuner in at the correct angle I can see half of the screw hole in the tuner ear hole.

I'm looking for recommendations for how to fill it so that I can make a new pilot hole right on the edge of the existing hole. TiteBond and toothpick end? 

Thanks for any advice.

Ron Burati


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4 hours ago, ksdaddy said:

Titebond and toothpick, yep. 

If I had a nickel for every raggedy or incorrect screw hole I patched that way….

If I had a nickel for every raggedy or incorrect screw hole I completely ignored and rocked on with it...


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Posted (edited)

I straightened it. Used Titebond and a toothpick. Made a new pilot hole. Took... like 15 minutes. I let the glue harden overnight.

Being tilted up toward the G (in Gibson) was not something I could un-see.

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

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It is quite common to look at the back of a Gibson headstock and see this, especially HJ-era guitars.  Proof it's hand-built.[wink]

There have been plenty of threads on this subject in the past.  I think it's deliberate - one of the ways you can tell a fake Gibson is that the machine heads are all perfectly lined up!!

I wish I still had the pic of the machine heads on a Gibson Pat Martino which I posted once (before the pandemic).  It was a VERY expensive custom shop guitar with a smaller than usual headstock, and evidently there was no way  the tuners could be installed without being rotated like yours. 

Next time you visit a music shop, see if you can look at the rear headstocks of 3-tuners-a-side Gibsons and count how many have at least one or two tuners that are squiffy.

I always said a simple card template would remedy this completely...but what do I know? 

Well done on the repair, as you say there are some things you can't un-see![thumbup]

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