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Les Paul GT (NOT SG the flame one) user manual


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Hi Folks,


Can someone tell me how the Grover locking tuners work? As well the push/pull tone knobs? I looked everywhere for the manual to no avail. I bought a Longhorn and got tired of the shop's excuses for taking so long to get a new guitar into out the door condition so I took the Phantom Black GT instead cause the it showed me what fat sound is with no explaination needed. It weighs a ton but I loooove the sound and I can make it do AC/DC well enough to make me smile (You shook me all night long). I would love to have the manual but the shop doesn't have it and Gibson is about as responsive as New Hampshire roadkill.


Thanks a bunch



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Hey David.


Welcome to the forum!


I've had a brief look for you, but can't find the specific pdf manual for the GT. I'd email gibson at service@gibson.com and ask them to email it, or better yet, send you the manual.


Congrats on the purchase!! I've been looking for a GT in Daytona Blue for well over a year now. I'd cut off a leg to get one - I love 'em!

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