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Southern Advanced Jumbo Neck length by year


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The Southern Jumbo and the Advanced Jumbo are different guitars -- no such thing as a Southern Advanced Jumbo.


All* Southern Jumbos are short scale. All* Advanced Jumbos are long scale, except for a (large) special-order of short-scale Advanced Jumbos in a variety of tonewoods by guitarsale.com. (Ren thought the idea of a short scale AJ was kind of odd, but that's what the customer wanted, so they made 'em.) There was never a time when the standard AJ was a short scale guitar.


-- Bob R


* When talking about Gibson, "all" doesn't always mean absolutely every one. For example, at least one short-scale AJ from the '30s is still around. With Gibson, these things happen. It's one of the reasons we love 'em!

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