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So I have an IMGUR account.

I used to know how to do this quite well.

Now, not so good. 

How do I post photos here.  I'm lost.  And before you refer me to the sticky on the first page, I've already been there.  Results, no bueno.

Help me out please.

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1. Upload the pics you want to post here to IMGUR (upload is an option in the "New Post" pull down)

2. Single "click" on the image you want to post here from your image files in IMGUR

3. "Click" the blue "Copy" button to the right of the "Direct Link" option .

4. Go to the Gibson Forum and simply "Right Click" and select "Paste" when your curser is where (in a post) that you want your image to go. The picture should appear a few seconds after you see the direct image link address you just pasted into the post. A message will pop up at the bottom of your post asking if you want to keep the image visible, or if you wanted to just show the link instead. If you want the image, click "x" on the pop up, or simply read the pop up message and respond appropriately.   

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