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It's been a while.

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So after a prolonged sabbatical from the lounge, I've managed to make it back.  As Joe says, "Life's been good to me so far", but not without its trials and tribulations, blessings and rewards.

I have managed to improve my playing and understanding of the our beloved instrument of choice.  I've also added to my humble collection.

In the spring of last year there was an incredible Estate Auction in San Luis Obispo, CA, just a mere 40 miles up Hwy 101.  There were roughly 200 guitars and amps in the collection.  Some real rare items were up for auction too.  Check out Trogly's post on YouTube. And again here. 

So my son had told me he wanted to get me a BB King for my birthday.  I told him how much they cost and how much he'd have to pay for one.  I told him I'd pay half and we set out to win the BB King  being offered on the Estate 360 Auction.  Happy to say that we won the day.  We were the high bid.

Here's a couple pictures of Lucile, a 2009 Custom Shop BB King. 




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I have to say that this guitar plays every bit as good as you would expect from a Custom Shop guitar. 

It comes with the 490 pickups and just sounds AMAZING!


More photographs:



Notice there is no Gibson on the headstock?  Interesting huh.

Here's Black Betty and Lucile.


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Yeah, they're great guitars.

It's got me wanting an ES-355 now.  One with the F-holes.

Even though I tend to play my ES-175 or telecasters when practicing, on those occasions  when I break out Lucile I am always amazed at the playability and tone.

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