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TUNE-O-MATIC BRIDGE- Studs definately bent Alot!!!!!!!!


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All too common I'm sorry to say.


The posts are 6-32 thread.

Go get some stainless steel screws, 6-32 thread by at least 1-1/2" long.

Also get some 6-32 hex nuts.


Protect the top of the guitar with cardboard and cloth.


Measure from the top of the guitar to the top of the bridge before you do anything.

Put 2 of the hex nuts on one Gibson post and jam them together.

If you do it right you should then be able to remove the post.

Use the correct size wrench!

Measure the depth of the hole to the top of the guitar.

Add that measurement to the measurement from the top of the guitar to the top of the bridge.

That will give you and idea of how long to cut the screw.

Cut the screw head off make the screws into studs.

You want the new studs to go as far as possible into the hole.


You can use 2 nuts jammed together to thread the new posts (studs) into the hole.

You can thread the screw into the hole and then cut off the head to the right length, but protect the guitar as the head will likely fly off when you cut it.


Round off the cut end and you're done.

When you're done with both reassemble the guitar.


You will notice better tone and sustain, results will vary of course.

The stainless steel posts are much less likely to bend.


This is a great upgrade for any guitar with an ABR type bridge.

The Gibson posts are soft and usually don't go all the way into the hole.

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