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H1N1 Am I paranoid


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So, I needed to pick up some bandages for some week-end warrior injury sustained whilest changing my wife's brakes. The latest not-yet-pandemic influenza virus H1N1, "Mexican Flu" has been in the news and on my mind. After seeing the size bandage I needed was not available at the big box store pharmacy, I decided to see how much those ubiquitous face masks are that we see in video footage on the evening news. 8 shelf inches dedicated to face masks, empty.


So I trundle down the road to the grocery store and check out their shelves for my large bandages and... the face masks. BINGO! They have my rotor rash covering bandage. I select it and scan the shelves for face masks... sold-out. :-&


At the self-serve check out lane there is a man ahead of me scanning his purchases. He has only 3 and the other aisles are backed up for price checks and someone's week's worth of groceries. I then notice that the man ahead of me has the sniffles. As a matter of fact he's sniffling a lot. Every couple seconds. I also note his face is a bit flushed and his nose irritated. Since, staying in this line meant using the same touch screen he's jus touched.... I switch to the 'waiting-on-a-price-check line. Letting someone else have the sniffle aisle.


Am I paranoid?

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Found this at Wikipedia about the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918:

"Two poems, dedicated to the Spanish flu, were popular in those days[citation needed]:


I had a little bird,

Its name was Enza,

I opened the window,

And in-flew-enza.

-American Skipping Rhyme circa 1918


Obey the laws

And wear the gauze.

Protect your jaws

From septic paws."


Talk about whistlin' in the grave yard. :-

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The face masks will help to prevent you from spreading the germs' date=' not from getting them.



True the virus will get on you hands most likely that be transfered by touching your face. So washing your hand is the best defense

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That was my assessment.


Still...... Doctors and Nurses wear them every day.... too, they are likely of a different designe than the ones offered over the counter.


Best, I guess, to keep healthy habits, keep clean habits.

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As far as the Influenza scare of 1976, I think the President did the right thing with the information he had at the time. When those Legionaires fell ill and died. The term, "Legionaire's Disease", hadn't been coined yet. Had the Scientists and Doctors been right in their initial prediction a re-turn of the 1918 Influenza pandemic that clamed tens of millions of lives... let me repeat. TENS OF MILLIONS DIED., He'd have been haled as a hero.


IT's also interesting that the pharmaceutical companies pulled backwards when told to rush the project. Now-a-days, their mantra is "Develope, Release, Test."

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