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Let's change The Bridge!

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One of the many Rosa String Works videos! (Sorry - I know not why but the videos are not working on my iPad, but work on my p.c.)

Plastic bridge Gibson:




Another video?


New bridge for the Dove!







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I would never change a plastic bridge on a really early Gibson

In my experience, they are indeed less powerful guitars than the pre 1955 stuff, but pretty much typical in power for lat 50s/early 60s  Gibson.  We most collected power Gibsons starting in the early 30s.  These guitars have the power needed for the kerosene circuit  60 Gibsons do not -- particularly after 1965 and really after c 1969.

Here are (most of) my Js -- 1935-1965. 



The Dove is a 65, and IMHO is not a great guitar -- I have never found one I considered great.  Th Hummingbird is a 62 with a plastic adjustable saddle.  Gibson power started in the 1930s, and became less and less in each of the following decades -- wartime, post war and 1950s up through 1954.  After that they are just not strong enough for real traditional string bands.  But my late wife and I not money did traditional mountain genres, but we started as folk revival musicians about 1960.  That was an urban music craze that was much milder -- lot of strumming and singing.  Her HB was pleanty strong enough for that, but it really sounded like the 60s. 

Bluegrass light -- 1/4 Kay bass, 1924 Gibson RB-4 trap door and 1962 Humming Bird.  A 3/4 bass, 1930s flathead, and a 35 D-28 would overpower the acoustic studio.


I would not change anything.😎



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