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Flubby E and A-string...common problem on Les Pauls?


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I just noticed that the low E and A-strings on my Les Pauls become muddy/flubby as soon as the strings are getting a bit old (let's say after one week of regular playing). The E and the A-string also lose their volume (and punch) compared to the rest of the strings, even compared to the D-string. I had this issue with all of the 3 Les Pauls that I've owned...one day the bass response seems as tight as a mofo, the other day it's flubby and lifeless. I already notice this unplugged.


Once I put new strings on them, the problem seems

to go away.


My Les Pauls sound at their very best (most balanced

and lively) with new, fresh strings.


What do you think about this? Is this a 'normal' problem?


I hate playing my 'Number One' Les Paul with old strings.

I love it with new strings.

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Perspiration and grease dull the wound strings (it's so easy for this stuff to get into the gaps). Wet a microfibre cloth, squeeze out the excess, then put a dab of shower gel onto it and work it into the cloth. Again squeeze out the excess, then pinch the cloth around each string to clean the full length. The brightness returns, and your strings no longer have B.O.


The strings will last longer if you do this after playing as you are neutralising amino and fatty acids.

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I noticed that flubby syndrome on my SG recently. The low E was dead and lifeless compared to the rest. A bit of cleaning and it sounded better, but I need to change strings. The low E is the hardest to keep clean and it gets the dirtiest. Dirty skank.

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