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Growing Up Behind the Orange Curtain: Flashback

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So Californiaman grew up a couple miles from Disneyland.  I lived in suburban Orange County, CA where life was pretty freaking good for teenagers who were finding their way in life.  Like many of you our lives revolved around social events that may have been, well.... centered around kegger parties with bands where we invited our friends and neighbors to come to a party.  We charged five dollars a head, and you got to drink beer until we were shut down by the GG Police Department. The bands usually started at 8 pm and played till 10:00.  On a good night we would have three bands lined up.  Usually punk, ska, and metal all rolled out one right after the other. Sound check. Go!

Recently, in fact it was yesterday, I discovered a 45 of one of those bands on youtube.  It was from one of our best friends bands, the Freds.  The record is a tongue in cheek look at Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, Wilma and Betty.  These guys played our parties several times over the course of two or three summers.  This song is a riot.


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