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Finally some pictures of my X-Mas guitars.


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At last I had the time and energy to take some decent pics and get them on the net. I figured since it is Orhtodox X-Mas I had better get them posted while people still had some holiday spirit left. So, without further ado.


My new R4 BB VOS




My LP Robot,




My Les Paul Custom 25,








My Taylor T5,




My Fender DeVille 4x10,



I forgot to take pics of the Digitech Crossroads pedal I got also. But that should keep you all happy for a while.

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Guitarslinger, you can read about it here;


Just go down until you come to the Les Paul Custom 25 to get the details and specs. I asked my local shop to try and get me one of the 50th Anniversary Gold Tops, but I had waited too late in the year. When they contacted the Canadian distributor, Yorkville Sound, to find out about the Gold Top, they were told that the Gold tops were sold out, but that they still had one of the Custom 25s available. It is 1 of 100 worldwide, and 1 of 3 in Canada. So I asked the shop to bring it in, with the R4, for me to have a look at. I am not usually a big fan of pinstripe flame, and I am picky about burst finishes but I liked this one for some reason.

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Nice axes man, i love the tp-6 fine tunning system, actually have it instaled in all my guitars, and couldn´t live without it.


How does the fender amp react to les pauls? I´m thinking ´bout getting one, but something tells me fender amp and gibson guitar wont sound good... do you use it with any pedals?


Anyway, very nice guitars, congrats!

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Thundergod, most tube amps have their own unique strengths. Fenders are the king of clean, tremolo and reverb, Marshalls have their crunch and so on. I play Les Pauls most of the time and I have been more than happy with all my LPs through the DeVille. It has power to spare and lots of punch with the 4x10s. Only you can decide if an amp's tone is for you. I suggest you grab your fave Lester and head out one Saturday to the local shops. Try as many different amps as you can. There are a lot of good ones out there, and I don't know of too many that 'dislike' certain brands. I do find that the power and warmth of a tube amp brings out a lot of tone in the humbuckers that solid state amps don't. I use a Roland guitar synth with my synth access guitars, and a Digitech RP 12 processor with all the rest. Nothing else,. My wife got me a Crossroads pedal for Christmas but I haven't really used it yet.

There is no reason you should be avoiding Fender amps with your Lester.

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Hey Guitarhead, congrats on the SG. Nice family you got there. The Supreme is upstairs in it's case, and do you mean my custom order Elegant?



I'll never part with that one since it is a one off. I have been playing the R4 and the Taylor lately. I really love the tone of both of those, but my Elegant is still my number 1. I was comparing the tone of my Supreme against the new Robot since they both have the 490/498 pickups and chambering. The Robot is a nice in between tone. The Supreme is still a lot brighter and has more sustain, but it has more chambering and more maple.

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What a master piece "the elegant" it is still etched on my brains since I saw it last year. Since I have you there Raptor, with my next purchase I am debating between the Robot and the LP custom VOS black beauty. I am leaning more toward the Black beauty. What do you think ???

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Guitarhead, Gibson is supposed to be releasing the regular production run of the Robot soon. I think they are taking it to NAMM. I think the initial run is going to be a 'Studio' based guitar, so it will be limited in the 'Vintage Mojo' department. I have a 3 pickup R7BB and the R4BB and both are excellent. They are all mahogany, albeit two piece (body+cap). The mahogany gives the tone a lot of warmth. My R7 is an older one with 57 Classics in it and the stock electronics, now of course they have BBs and the CTS pots and reissue bumblebee caps. So there is a lot of great vintage quack and grunt with the R7. I have to say I cannot get over the tone of the R4BB though. You seem to like single coils a lot, and the Alnico/P-90 combo in the R4BB is a wonderful combo. We were playing with it the other day and a few tweaks of the volumes with the switch in the middle position, and we got some fantastic country tones. Almost Tele like. Tweak a bit more and a smooth creamy blues sound. Turn up the Alnico, and man the bass grunt kicks in. I suggest, if at all possible try an R4BB too. They will also be releasing a Jimmy Page BB with 3 pu's and bigsby. I imagine it will be a bit pricier than the the standard BB. As for the VOS finish. I didnt mind it on the bursts I saw, but on the ebony finish, it looks like someone let a kid polish it with 100 grit sandpaper. So the finish is a bit underwhelming, and I would go with a gloss finish if possible. I already have an order in for one of the 50th anniversary R8's.

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Bluesburst, they are keeping the 50th anniversary details pretty undercover. I know that it took them a long time to finally decide on what they were going to do with the R7 to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the humbucker. I think the anniversary R7s didn't get announced to the summer. If you look here you can read what they are planning at NAMM.


I know that GC has two pics of the 50th anniversary R8's (or they are claiming they do) in their 2008 calendar. What I have heard is that they will make a limited number of flame tops and a larger limited number of plain tops. For the R7 they released 157. If I were Gibson I would do 158 R8s. 58 flame and 100 plain. I also expect that they will do a 50th anniversary model of the R9 and R0. If you read the article I posted the link for, I read it to say that they will be releasing anniversary R8s, Vs, Explorers, and ES-335s


In 1958 Gibson introduced four new electric guitars that were so fresh, so radical, and so forward-looking that not only would it be years before they were fully appreciated by more adventurous players, but seen today amidst all that the industry has to offer they are still influential and inspiring, even downright revolutionary by any standards. The Les Paul Standard, Flying V, Explorer, and ES-335, all introduced in 1958, together represented a quantum leap forward in guitar industry. Over the course of 50 years these guitars have set the standards for every form of amplified guitar music on the planet."


As I said earlier I have already placed my order for one. The local rep is going to NAMM, so maybe I might get some pictures of them, and if they will let me I will post any that I get.

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Thanks Raptor


At those sort of limits, I'll not be able to afford one:-({|=


Gibson are a bizarre company! For one that is so focussed on making a dollar, their brand marketing is appalling, Fender have it all over them. Check out their site and see the range of merchandise to start with. Then have a look over the last few years with their various 50th and 60th anniversary guitar and amp releases. They cater for the wider market. I just don't get it! Why didn't Gibson release special 50th Anniversary humbuckers??? Even at $250 - 300 each, they would have sold them by the truckload.


I'm not a Gibson basher, I have 4 compared to 1 Fender and I love them all. I bought one of the original Reverse V's. Awesome guitar, it's actually my No1 player. But to release another batch, at double the price with the only noticeable difference being the ebony board and brass truss rod cover is obscene. :(


I'm now saving my money for a 2009 build R9 (A nice Lemonburst!!! :( ) I didn't expect to afford an Anniversary model but now I'm concerned Gibson are going to put all the 09 R9's out of range.


I suppose we'll just have to wait and see...

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Nice axes man' date=' i love the tp-6 fine tunning system, actually have it instaled in all my guitars, and couldn´t live without it.


How does the fender amp react to les pauls? I´m thinking ´bout getting one, but something tells me fender amp and gibson guitar wont sound good... do you use it with any pedals?


Anyway, very nice guitars, congrats![/quote']



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