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Gibson SG standard upgrades?


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Hey Sean, the guys are right. The SG Standard is pretty much awesome how it is. Something you can do to get the best out of your SG Standard is to spend $30-$40 and get a good set up done. You can have the guitar tech check the height of your pickups too. There's a sweet spot that will get you the best balance of volume, and sustain. If they're too far from your strings, you'll be quiet. If the pickups are too close, the strings will be loud, but won't vibrate long (the magnets in the pickups slow the strings down vibrating). -If you got the guitar new, chances are the pickups are where they are supposed to be. Setting up your SG and checking the pickup height is a pretty easy thing to learn. I'd recommend a book called 'The Complete Guide to Guitar And Amp Maintenance' by Hal Leonard. It's around $15 on Amazon. It's a great reference.



Changing the knobs on there will give your axe a different look, and it is an inexpensive, and non-permanent change. Another thing I'd recommend (it's not really a cosmetic thing) would be to get a set of Strap Locks so you don't drop her. Strap Locks, however, will require you to screw into your guitar, and that freaks people out. One thing though, when you take parts off, and put new ones on (knobs, toggle switch tips, pick guards, etc.) hang onto the old ones. You'll never know, maybe a year or two from now, you'll decide that you liked your axe the other way...


I hope this helps.

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Do you have the factory hard shell case?

Get that first thing.

If you do, then here's what I recommend.


Invest in a box of Ziploc freezer bags - the thick ones. Don't save a dollar and buy the cheap ones, they rip too easily.

Every piece you pull off the guitar, and everything inside the hard case should be kept there for later use or sale.

NEVER put strap pins, tuning keys, or ANYTHING metal inside the case without being in a baggie.


I've seen the results of a strap pin and a tuner getting out of the neck pocket and traveling all over the inside of the case as a guitar was moved from place to place in the "safety" of its factory case.

Tears were shed when the extensive finish damage was discovered when the guitar was eventually taken out...


I got into the habit of always carrying several spare baggies with me for any eventuality.

If you have a small piece break or fall off of ANYTHING, you'll want to keep it - right?


They are in my suitcases when I travel, in my cases when I go shooting, in my briefcase when I rent a plane, etc...

I keep them in my bag on my motorcycle.

Along with good, thick paper towels - you're ready for anything.


Think about it......




Okay, buy a couple sets of Gibson strings and see if you like the sound.

And as stated above, you can always buy a better tube amp.

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Yea I always carry the real good Quality Plastic Baggies with me Where ever I go,

but I aviod keeping-em with me at airports the Security is tuff at most of-em,

so I let my mules take the chance's there.


Man I just realized, I empty Plastic Baggies laying everywhere around too.

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