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MC5’s Drummer Passed Away

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15 hours ago, 'Scales said:

The MC5 are all gone all of a sudden. Inspired some of my favourite bands 

They kicked out the jams MF’ers. I first heard BOC do it on Some Enchanted Evening.

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Posted (edited)
21 minutes ago, SteveFord said:

He was wearing a Norton shirt - he had good taste in bikes.

Aside from being a GREAT performance, that’s why I posted this. He looks so cool in this video. The hair, glasses, and clothes could all be worn today and still be cool. The other 4, not so much lol. 

I bet they wanted him to wear that flashy stuff but it restricted his movement 


they are absolutely kickin out the jams in this video though I mean Rob looks like he is absolutely peaking on an insane cocktail that almost certainly included some LSD and speed


edited because I can’t count to 4

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45 minutes ago, Dub-T-123 said:

Between like 5:00-6:00 on the video we witness Rob having a particularly special moment lol

He was sweating out a Home Depot size bucket of perspiration. 

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