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Hi, I live in Reno, NV and the Gibson tour bus has been parked in the lot of the hotel next door to my job for the past few days... and it's makin me crazy! Can anyone tell me why they are in Reno this week, and do they have any cool toys that I can come over and play with???



Fred Natural

Reno, NV

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That is the coolest bus in the world. Go over the the custom shop and look for the tour bus schedule. It is most definitly worth checking out. Many custom shop model inside and you can try out each and everyone (thru a POD & headphones). Truely Gibson guitar nirvana. Plus they usually give away goodies (picks, key chains,etc.). I'd go over there and try to find the driver. Nice guy.


The bus was stolen recenlty and recovered (obviously) so don't freak him out!

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