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I would suggest shopping the used market but watch out for fake Steinberger models when you do. Most would agree that a Spirit is not a candidate for a TransTrem because it is not stable enough to maintain tuning without a carbon graphite neck or neck with carbon graphite neck reinforcing components.

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There's one for sale on TGP right now. However, Brent (r2bflash) is correct, it wouldn't work correctly on a Spirit. The neck is not strong enough and would bend with increased/decreased string pull and thus lead to incorrect tuning when using the trem. Better get a guitar which has been made for the TransTrem instead.


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I've owned a black Steinberger GL2T in 1989 and a white Steinberger custom GL7TA [I told Steinberger I wanted their GL7TA but without the middle pickup and I also had them install two 3-way mini-toggle switches to control each pickup - UP position put the pickups in single-coil mode, MIDDLE position turned the pickups off, DOWN position put the pickups in dual-coil humbucker mode].  The GL7TA comes with an EMG-89 at the bridge and an EMG-89R at the neck.  The GL2T comes with an EMG-85 at the bridge and neck.  Many years after owning these guitars I discovered that Eddie Van Halen had the Type-1 Trans-Trem; My guitars both came with the Type-2 Trans-Trem; I heard the Type-1 Trans-Trem bends the notes down a lot further [more like a Floyd Rose] and I always wished my Trans-Trem Type-2 did that as well.  I stopped using the Trans-Trem because it would get out of tune fairly quickly due to the string lengths changing as you play the guitar bending the strings which stretches them and eventually changes their length; Then you're supposed to use a screw-driver to adjust the Trans-Trem fine-tuners but that was difficult and time consuming; Another reason I stopped using the Trans-Trem was because it would break the high-E string often which led me to using .010 gauge high-E strings intead of .009 gauge; But even the .010 gauge high-E strings would break often; They would break because the jaws where the string touches were sharp like a knifes edge so I would adjust the jaw on the high-E string so it put the least amount of pressure on the high-E string so it wouldn't break it as often; I never understood why the jaws have such a sharp edge; The Floyd Rose and other tremelo systems are round and smooth where the string touches so the strings don't break nearly as often as they did on my Steinberger guitars.  Sometimes a string would stretch so much that only a new string would be able to be in tune using the Trans-Trem feature; The length of the string has to be a certain length to stay in tune when using the Trans-Trem feature.  I currently don't own any guitars; I've been considering the EVH Wolfgang Special in Polar White but I desire to have it with an ebony fingerboard and that isn't available at this time; And I really liked the EMG-89 and EMG-89R on my Steinberger custom GL7TA being able to have the pickups in single-coil mode or dual-coil mode [Both sound really nice and different; Single-coil is cleaner sounding and has more clarity, more defined; Dual-coil humbucker mode has more bass and sustain to it]; If I get an EVH Wolfgang Special I may install an EMG-89 at the bridge and an EMG-89R at the neck.  When you put an EMG-89 in single-coil mode... the side of the pickup closest to the bridge is on and the other side of the pickup is off.  When you put an EMG-89R in single-coil mode... the side of the pickup closest to the neck is on and the other side of the pickup is off; That's the location I like the single-coil pickups to be in.   I recommend the Type-1 Trans-Trem that Eddie Van Halen used; I didn't like the Type-2 Trans-Trem on my guitars.

Video playing Eddie Van Halen music on my Steinberger custom GL7TA: 





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