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Which SG for me?


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Hello, I hope you can help me decide which SG to buy (or not :D )


After 10 years of guitar, I want to buy the guitar I originally wanted but couldn't afford... the SG :)

Now I'm going to make you shout... I don't care about the gibson sound, I just want the look of the SG


And speaking about to the sound, I just have a problem...

I'm using a multi-effects (Boss gt-10) and almost everyone of my songs is composed of several sounds within the same song... clean, disto, crunch, acoustic-simulation etc.


With my current guitar (a little ibanez, strat-like), I'm stuck to play 90% of the time with the humbucker to avoid the hum. That works fine with the disto parts but the clean parts sound a bit dull. So that's what I need... pickups that are not too noisy but that can give me a good range of sounds.


That's it then, is it still a good idea to get the SG? At my guitar shop they say that I'll be very fine with the SG standard but I suspect they just want to sell me any guitar :)

The SG standard is within my budget, but I was thinking that maybe I should get instead the faded and changing pickups :-k ?


What are your advices?

Thanks :)

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Hate to agree with MI_Canuck, cuz I'm a Standard man, but the Classic with P90's is a SLAMMIN' guitar. Brother's got one and I've been able to pick it up more than a few times. FEELS great. SOUNDS great. Those pickups are perfectly voiced in between a single-coil and a humbucker, in my opinion.


But I digress. Get the Standard!

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You want the SG look but you're willing to buy a Faded with the sh!tty finish?

I don't get it.

Would you buy a new Corvette with only primer on it?


If you look at the nice finshes available, then here are your choices with prices going upward.


SG Classic with P-90's - a real kick-*** guitar!!!

SG Standard - the standard by which all other SG's are judged. More versatile than P-90's.

SG 61 RI - it just don't get no better than this, unless you spend BIG $$$$$.

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Thanks for all the info!

Well I didn't see the faded for real, I just saw the standard, I was just wondering whether it would be better to get the cheapest SG and changing the pickups or just getting the standard one, as it would be about the same price!


What about the special? Is the standard so much better?


I might consider the '61, the price here is not much higher than the standard (around $250 more)

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I prefer the 61 for many reasons, it's certainly worth the extra money - if it has what you want.

Can't go wrong with the Standard though...


61 is usually a single piece body - rare for a Standard.

61 has better upper fret access due to the neck joint at fret 22 instead of 19.

61 has the slimmer neck profile that I prefer.

61 has the half pickguard, simply a cosmetic preference.


Some people will tell you the neck joint is weaker on a 61, the originals had a failure issue that was fixed years ago.

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If you can afford it, get the SG Standard. You won't be disappointed at all. That's my favorite guitar. In my opinion, they're perfect.


I bought one of those faded finish SG Specials a few years ago (to be used as a gigging guitar). I changed the pickups to a set of Gibson ceramics (498r and a 500t -Zebras). It sounds better now, but the 'finish' is kinda blah.


You may want to consider buying something used. -You could probably find a good SG Standard for a decent price, and you won't have to change pickups.

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Maybe check out the Raw Power SG... maple construction...


Has anybody played one of these yet? I haven't seen one. I'm curious to see how much it weighs with that maple body. I dig the Raw Power SG in the natural finish.

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'61 you got a trem which is super useful but I'd go with the standard. I think its pick-ups sound brighter. Personal preference...


You should go for the sound and the way the neck feels.


I prefer the neck on Standards but on the '61 RI the neck is also fabulous! It is just different.


Make sure you take care of a '61 because they are a bit more fragile; slimmer neck and higher neck joint...


I think that if you really listen to the Special/Faded, feel its neck, you will see that you get a lot more for your money with the Standard or '61 RI.


Try them all!

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