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Got a  1969 Gibson B15.  Several of the tuning machines bind are difficult to tune.

I'd like to replace them, any recommendations?

I found a set by Kluson, but I'd have to drill out the holes on the head stock to fit.  I'm not opposed to doing that if I have to, but I'd rather avoid if possible.


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The B15 used inexpensive tuners and I understand that they can be frustrating. Before I drilled, I would remove them, drizzle some oil on all moving parts, and spend several minutes cranking them with a peg winder. Bonus points if you  get the peg winder attachment for a cordless drill. Spin the heck out of them for a few minutes, let them drip dry on a paper towel overnight, wipe them off as best you can and reinstall. That’s probably not the advice you were looking for but that would be my first choice. If that does not yield satisfactory results, you might look into repro Klusons of the “three on a strip” variety. They may be a drop in replacement. 

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I thought about trying to work them, but as you say, they're cheap; and they definitely feel like it.  Unless I can find replacements with the same hole requirement, I will probably just go ahead and drill it out. 

Thanks for the response. 

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