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How long normally should frets last on Les Paul

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Hi guys. 

I am a relatively newbie in electric guitar world. So Gibson Les Paul Tribute is my first electric guitar. I played only acoustics before and after some years I decided to try something electric. So I bought a new Les Paul Tribute. I like how it looks, I like how it sounds, but I had already a couple of issues with the guitar which are really annoying.  So one of them is the frets. It's not yet a half a year over as I own this guitar, but the frets seem to worn a little bit, but to a degree that it is not convenient anymore to do bending, because the string just drags and grinds over the fret and does not go smoothly. That is so annoying.  And they are not worn out evenly and it is happened in such short period of time. I think about polishing them, otherwise it is not a pleasure to play. 

I am really wondering - is it just the cheap model from Gibson, or something extraordinary? I wrote to the shop and I wrote to Gibson, and waiting for the answer from them. The thing is that I have several other acoustic guitars and I never experienced such a problem with them. Here is the example how one of them looks like.


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Hard to say. Mine (different model) has a few nicks and scratches and some wear already after a year, but I've played it a LOT. The pic you post is so magnified it's hard to tell. My view is, as long as it plays good... But if yours doesn't, then that is a bit peculiar. I've played guitars with significant fret wear and divots and no problem, but it's a little early to encounter playing problems from fret wear so soon (your case).

I've never heard of Gibson using different fret wire on Tributes than on e.g. Standards. I can't imagine they do.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Please tell us what Gibson's reply is.

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