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R9 Truss rod issue, help!

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Hey everyone!

So, I recently noticed some relief on the neck of my R9 Les Paul reissue(2005s) and decided to adjust the truss rod. But when I opened the cover, the truss rod looked like this (see attached picture). When I tried to tighten it with the proper tool, it wouldn’t budge. If I tried to force it, I was worried the neck might crack! So I decided not to touch it any further. What should I do in this situation? Do I need to take off the fretboard?
And if the fretboard needs to be removed, will the neck have to be refinished?
I'm going to visit the repair shop this Wednesday, but I'm really worried. Please help me out—I absolutely don't want to lose this guitar.


Another thing I’m curious about... When adjusting a single-action truss rod like on a Gibson, should the strings be loosened first?

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First off.  Is it a neck problem?  Is there a bow in the neck? Did you take a straight edge to the finger board to see? How high  is the bridge?


  On another note.  I dont touch anything Im not familiar with. 

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