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These exact Doc Martin's. I had one pair for 10 years. One of them looks a bit more worn in the front because the asshole guitar player in the band that me and Damien were out on tour with at the time decided to put them by the engine of the RV we were traveling in. I wore them another four years after though. Just too comfortable. Finally found a new pair almost identicale to them though...the bottoms are different but they're still the same look as these.



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Well, damned if I can figure how to attach a photo on here... #@$%@#$%@ It ain't like what I normally use to send photos for publication every day. #$@%#$%@#$


But I wear boots. Real "western" boots or "ropers." I have some nasty weather stuff that pull or lace up for when it gets below -30 F (or C for that matter), but boots. Usually Tonys or Niconas. I have a handmade high-top set for reenacting the 1860s-90s. I've worn boots since I was a kid... But then, I wear a hat, too. Western style.


.... except when I lived in Memphis. There were so many guys wearing hats with pheasant feathers and fancy boots who wouldn't know which end of a horse the green mud falls from that I didn't care for that sort of identification. So I wore loafers or wingtips. Ditto in boarding school back in New England. As a teen I took enough crap for what I wore above the socks, so it was loafers until summer and I could get the boots and hat back on.


At home in the house, or when I used to sail, various sorts of moccasins. In martial arts, very light "sneakers" or in my earliest training days before most here were born, geta.


But 95 percent of the time since I was old enough to remember, boots, and even the dress boots are of manufacture that I could head into a feedlot and not destroy them with, uhhhhhh, animal byproduct plant nutrients. No thanks for the python skins. Ostrich can, in theory, take it, and so can kangaroo or in the old days, elephant, ray or shark. But... thanks, I'll stick with shoulder leather from bovines.




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