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Took 3 Gibsons to a jam


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We had a jam last night, and I took my LP Studio and SG Classic. The drummer in my original band (this jam was with some other dudes) also plays guitar and he came along with his R7 VOS Goldtop (that I helped him pick out).


It was very cool to switch between the 3 guitars that are all awsome in their own way. You can really feel and hear the differnces in all three.


The Studio with its 490/498 pups is very agressive and bold sounding. The neck is a very comfortable 50s style. Weighs about 10lbs with swiss cheese holes.


The SG with it's P90s gets a really nice clean sound and a raunchy dirty sound. It takes a while to adjust to the body style and neck-heavy feel. Definately don't want to use super high gain with this one.




The R7 sounds super smooth and sweet, even on the overdriven amp settings. I'm usually not big on making a guitar look old, but the VOS is very subtle and just adds to the mojo IMO. The neck is even fatter than my Studio and does take a little getting used to but I don't mind it at all. Solid body and still weighs between 9-10lbs.




Sorry, no pics or clips of the jam :D

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We played songs, but jammed on many of them. There was another guitarist who used the SG while I was playing the R7. I think we did "Wagon wheel" , some Skynyrd and "Rockin In The Free World" and a bunch more.


Then we switched and I did "Pride and Joy" and "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" on the SG.


Then I got my Studio and finished up with that while he stayed with the R7. I think we had to pry it from his hands at the end of the night. :D The last song we did was "War Pigs" but some people didn't really know it, so it didn't come out too great.

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