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Gary Davis Lesson


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One of the true thrills of my life is that when I was 16 or so' date=' I was fortunate enough to have a few lessons with Rev. Davis. I recall I "borrowed" a box of my grandfather's cigars to give him. [/quote']


Goodness. Something like that can just turn you around. As an afternoon with Paul Geremia did for me. Changed my whole approach. J

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Wow. Thanks for posting that link on Rev. Davis.


I had never heard, so it was the best of a surprise. This is pure genius. Thanks. Thanks. I have never heard anyone play like this, and I love his 12 string. What a treat to watch this clip of Children of Zion, 7 minutes of pure performance.




I had to laugh as I watched Donovan looked stupified (at what talent actually looks like) Thank God he had the wisdom to stay out of the gig and not ruin the performance..


And Pete Seeger? .....Yes I know, Happy Birthday Pete Seeger, but Pete you were way out of your league trying to play with the Reverend. He should have followed Donovan's cue and appreciate pure musical genius rather than to try and jump on board the talent train (Pete should have kept his fumbling banjo runs in his own head, I was hoping the Reverend would just stop suddenly and turn to Pete and say "Stop that please".

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Thanks for that!


Most welcome, GG. Here's a link to Libbas version of Freight train



Anyone wanting to hear more of Rev. Gary might try one of these.

Harlem Street Signer (gospel) -- very clean recording

Blues and Rags (devils music) --rough sound, extended cuts

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