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How to change bit resolution for an MP3 file


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Hi, folks!

The GR-3 manual states (with respect to Tape Deck One):

"GUITAR RIG 3 also includes two hard disk recording Components called Tapedecks. One is optimized to load audio files to serve as backing tracks, or you can study solos by loading them into the Tapedeck, and using the tempo control to slow them down for easy analysis."


It also mentions that one of the file formats you can bring in is MP3, but it will not accept resolution greater then 16 bits.


What does that mean, please?


How do I change a resolution of and MP3 file, so I can bring it in?


Now when I try - it tells me that the file format is not supported.



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mp3's are almost always 16/44.1 ... if for some reason they are not, you can use any audio editor that supports mp3's to convert them: CUbase, Logic, Protools, SoundTrack Pro, just load the file and export again .. even iTunes will do it


if your mp3's fail to load they might be DRM protected ...


instead of using TapeDeck, why don't you just load the mp3 as a clip into Ableton Live, which can also slice and slowDown/speedUp audio, only much better ...

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Thanks, guys!

Will give Audacity a shot. The reason I want it in GR-3 is just because it's easier to play while being live and I would not have to switch screens and burden the laptop with extra resorces.


Example - I want to be able to play the "cach register" sounds for Pink Floyd "Money" while doing live performance, instead of going thru hell trying to mimic them...



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