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Was at my brother's for a doin's this weekend. The nieces and nephews were there in force. 3 of the nephews ranging from ages 8 - about 13 were playing a video game on the 'net called 'Pandemic". #-o


Apparently, you design a virus by defining what it does to you. e.g. makes you go blind, makes your ears fall off. Then you try to spread it around the world. First person to get infection world wide, wins. [-(


Sound neferious? Hold your horses.




The conversation:


Nephew 1: "Madagascar? where's that?"

Nephew 2: "I think it's over there by Africa, it's an island because the only way to get to it is by boat and they usually close the ports at the outset, so you have to infect it early."

N1: "Nicaragua? Where's that?"

N2: "Dunno.. let's look it up."




They's gettin' their Geography homework done and don't even know it! :-k

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