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So i got this new amp...


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It's a handwired clone of a JTM45, and this (don't worry, I payed less than half of that price)

and I'm pretty stoked, on thing is.
































IT'S WAY TO ******* LOUD!!!!




I know, I know, a non master volume half stack is gonna be loud, that's what you sign up for.

But on my search I played 4 JTMs and none were even close to this loud, most I could sit right in front of them, turn them to 10 and it was no big deal. But this one, anything past 3 hurts my ears and makes the room shake.

Anyone know what the deal is?

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I bought a half stack, a JTM head and the cab in the link...

I've had a 100 watt 2x12 (JVM410c) and I currently have a 18 watt Marshall combo, and now this

I'll get some pics by tomorrow afternoon, and it's actually only 30 watts, despite the name.


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:oilpit: - get used to it man - it's a way of life.

JTM45 clone into a 4x12 like the 1960TV will move a lot of air.


My 6G6-A into a 4x12 populated with Fanes and Goodmans will wake the dead.

Even going through my 50w:3w attenuator - it still rattles the windows.


Your 30watter into that big 4x12 is going to confuse passing jet pilots.



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Thats some seriously nice amps you have there.... Yes please post pics. Why did you go with the TV Cab? You could have gone with the standard 1960A or 1960B cabs and saved 500 bucks.


They had a used one at GC for 700 bucks, I got it for 600 out the door. They also had a couple regular 1960s that were both considerably more.


Jordan, I was talkin' to jesse last night, he's a maniac according to him it doesn't make his ears ring. Is he running a full stack now? With those goofy RR cabs :^o


I would rather not get an attenuator, but I may if I really need to...

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Nice, oilpit. 30 watts seems loud in a small room.


My Blue Angel


<<---------------------- is 30 watts when I use the 4;EL84 setting. It's barely enough on a loud stage, and is running out of headroom. It's been good for the last few years, but we're getting bigger venues.


Anyhow, best of luck. You have some really nice gear going for you. When I was your age I just had an old Fender Super Reverb.



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clones > marshall


actually, when it comes to marshall plexi reissues, a small mod (clip bright cap) makes em pretty nice, but handwired clones are price wise in the same ball park, and PTP wiring makes em closer to the originals than marshall makes


some high end clone makers source out the best parts/caps/ect, and they make an even better clone, like metro compared to ceriatone

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