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Hitler wrapped himself heavily in occult practices' date=' imagery and blood oathes. He was a cult of personality, delusional, paranoid, need I go on? His father was jewish, mother a christian, and yes he was a choir boy at a young age. Bush will never be tried for any "war crimes" , he never issued, devised or implemented any plan to eradicate any group or groups of peoples. Should we roll back the years and charge in absentia the generals that ordered the fire bombing of Dresden, Tokyo, or the leveling of Hiroshima or Nagasaki? How about we dig up General Sherman and try him for the burning of Atlanta, and his march to the sea, where his troops raped ,robbed and murdered the locals as they went.[/quote']


But torture...sorry "enhanced interrogation"...is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. You don't have to commit genocide in order to commit a war crime. And if GWB didn't approve it, someone certainly did.

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